The mysterious SST-PR-1 access point revealed

Did you plug an Orinoco or WaveLan card into a Windows 2000 Laptop without loading the proper drivers FIRST? If so, then Windoze probably loaded its resident drivers which are WRONG and left you with a peck of trouble. Here's something that may help you fix the problem: Removing the bad Windows 2000 factory installed Agere Orinoco lucent drivers>>> Added 12/27/03

Hacking the DWL900AP+ Access Point >>>Revised 3/15/03

Cisco AP342s and AP352s used as Access Points and Repeaters for Home HotSpots and WISPs and How to Setup the AP342 and AP352 for Optional Encryption and as Repeaters

Inside the Cushcraft 2.4 Ghz ceiling mount antenna

Hacking the DWL600 home router to possibly include Linux. A link to Stas Khirman's project.

Another BiQuad antenna, feeding a Primestar dish.

Easy Homebrew 2.4Ghz Omni Antenna

The classic Pringles can antenna (substitute article because the original article by Rob Flickenger of Oreilly has disappeared))