TIBBS- The First TI99/4A Home Computer BBS

Yes, I'm the guy who wrote TIBBS, the first BBS for the TI99/4A Home Computer way back in the early 1980s

I'd like to immortalize that machine here on this page, so please stay tuned as I add more content.

Here is some archived publicity about the program I wrote (look about halfway down the page)

And some more here

And here is the Wikipedia article

There is a nice large piece written here

This is a BBS list from 1990 that shows how many TIBBs there were even then.

Apparently, someone has my software archived here

And for you former SysOPs, below are scans of the operator manual pages
Cover   Pages 1 & 2   Pages 3 & 4   Pages 5 & 6   Pages 7 & 8   Pages 9 & 10  Pages 11 & 12   Pages 13 & 14  Pages 15 & 16   Pages 17 & 18  Page 19

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