SST-PR-1 mystery solved

We used to see a very ubiquitous SSID all over the place. It seemed to be EVERYWHERE!

There were lots of theories of what it was, even that it was on a low earth orbit satellite.

One day we saw it in some apartments near our house for a long time.

My son, Andrew (about 12 at the time) took off on his bicycle with Netstumbler to find it. (Update 2015- Andrew is now 25, graduated from Clemson University with the highest honors in Computer Engineering and is now an accomplished software designer for a company in San Francisco. If you'd like to hire him, contact me)

It led him to a Sears repair truck.

Upon further investigation, SST is for Sears Smart Toolbox.

This was a system that was an 802.11b access point on these trucks. They were downlinked via satellte and were for the serviceman to be able to access parts inventory, schematics, service orders and whatnot. The technician let Spencer get photos of all the gear.

So there you have it- SST-PR-1 mystery solved

Click here for the photos