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Here's how I do mobile signal checks! (v2)

This is a 35' pneumatic mast that I had mounted on my old Chevy Pickup. It came from an old TV news van. I had a pan and tilt head mounted on top along with a platform for cameras and/or antennas. It took very little air pressure to raise it in about one minute. The red coiled tube that houses the cable is called Nycoil and you wouldn't believe how expensive that stuff is!   Usually I had a WiFi hotspot antenna installed so that I could provide Internet access to those around me. It came in handy at events and public service work.  When doing emergency service / ARES work, I could install Ham radio antennas. I could have a repeater online in just a few minutes.  Also in the truck were a source of 110 V AC power and an air compressor with tank for raising the mast. I still have the mast and hope to put it to use again one day.

Mr. Monk meets Mr. Fowler
Ralph with Golden Globe winner Tony Shalhoub, the star of USA's hit series "Monk" at the Atlanta premiere of Tony's movie: Made-Up on March 5. Tony's also known for his roles in: Men in Black, Spy Kids, Galaxy Quest, plus the lovable taxi driver in the series "Wings" and on Broadway for "The Band's Visit". (MORE)

Goodbye, Childhood Friend

The late Dr. Barry Flannery, associate professor in the Mathematics Department at Southern Polytechnic University, was remembered fondly January 29th, 2004. Family, friends, students, and colleagues gathered in the University's Library Rotunda for a memorial that inspired laughs, sobs, and moments of quiet contemplation. I was not able to be present, but will still always remember Barry in many, many of my own special ways. (MORE)

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